Marinos Ioannides

IMPACTOUR partner CUT, Cyprus

Marinos Ioannides is the Director of the UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH), the coordinator of the EU H2020 ERA Chair on CH with the name Mnemosyne and the main responsible for the unique EU Study VIGIE2020/654 on 3D digitisation in Cultural Heritage. He finished his MSc. in Informatics at the University of Stuttgart in Germany and received his PhD (Dr.-Eng) with excellence at the same Uni. where he participated in several EU and national research projects. His PhD was focusing on the digital 3D Reconstruction of any objects and is licenced in 147 research institutions around the world. His Lab at the Cyprus University of Technology is the only entity, which is financially independent from the University and the CY Government with a budget of more than 8.5 MEuro from high competitive EU grants in the last 8 years. The main mission of his Lab is to establish the first UNESCO UniTwin online Master course in DCH by 2023 and a regional Centre of Excellent in DCH by 2024.