Carolina Islas

University of Turku, Finland

Carolina Islas Sedano obtained her PhD from the Educational Technologies Research Group at University of Eastern Finland. She holds a  M.Sc. in Communication and Media Engineering from Offenburg, Germany and a  B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.


Islas Sedano has worked in industry and academia, and her current research work lies in context research, co-design, informal learning and playful knowledge. Currently she works at  University of Turku contributing to the FITECH Turku project bridging local industry and academia by innovating collaboratively.   Special emphasis of Islas Sedano's research is in the conceptualization, development and implementation of applications in context.  Islas Sedano was the project manager of the UNESCO Chair in ICT Summer School with the topic Co-creating on-the-road ICT solutions to promote Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites. She coordinated the design and development of the hybrid game PASS in the H2020 project BODEGA, through her spinoff Ubium. By now Islas Sedano has published over 40 international peer-reviewed research articles and offered lectures in different countries (e.g., Mexico, South